Soup Season!

photo by author
photo by author
  • Plan out my daily meals and snacks in the morning to avoid grazing all day long.
  • Prepare several healthy meals on Sunday so I am prepared for the week.
  • Use recipes that are freezer friendly, making bigger batches and freezing half for an easy meal in later week.
  • Buy produce with a longer shelf life like apples, oranges, broccoli, carrots and kale. Any produce that looks like it may go bad soon, add to a soup or smoothie, or freeze for later.
  • I will take a walk on my lunch break or schedule a couple of moving breaks throughout the day. And/or, walk whenever I am on the phone, inside or outside.
  • Schedule daily workouts, appointments for you, with you, just like a doctor’s appointment.
  • Stand more — I will stand during meetings and/or commercial breaks while watching TV.
  • I will stretch for 5 minutes when I first wake up or before bed 5–6 nights per week.
  • I will meditate for 3–5 minutes when I first wake up each day.
  • I will take part in activities that bring me joy — yoga, walking with a friend, cooking a balanced meal with my family or roommate, at least 4 times per week.
  • I will play music during the day.
  • I will write down one thing I am grateful for each day.



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The Rebellious RD

The Rebellious RD

A nutrition expert and middle child, I am writing to promote health and wellbeing, recipes and tips in a relatable, slightly rebellious fashion.